Simple Car Maintenance Tips Save Money With A Smooth Running Car

Simple Car Maintenance Tips Save Money With A Smooth Running Car

Browse through these easy car maintenance tips. Use them to guide you in maintaining your vehicle for greater savings and longer life. You will become more confident as your understanding grows. You may notice this the next time you need to talk to a mechanic.

Here’s a trick to use to track maintenance and repairs. Get a 3 ring binder. Every time you do a repair or maintenance job get a receipt. Run it through a 3 hole punch and insert into the binder. You now have an automatic record, with the mileage and detail of each repair for the life of your car. You’ll also have added value and credibility if you should sell your vehicle. Explore the links below interests you. Enjoy your browsing.

Car Maintenance Tips

Your basic car maintenance tips include…

Check Tire Pressure Regularly To Increase Your Safety and Savings

Low tire pressure, especially a visibly low tire, reduces your tire’s tread life. It also reduces your driving comfort and safety. Learn more tire safety tips here.

Learn Simple Battery Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Battery Working Longer

Practice proper battery maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your battery working for you for a long time.

Clean Up That Battery Corrosion. It’s Easy, Safe And Pays Big Dividends

Here is the most effective cleaning method I’ve ever used on car battery corrosion. Step by step instructions, with photos, are included to help you get the job done right.

Make Your Windshield Wipers Last Longer With Better Visibility. Learn more…

With a little care your windshield wipers will last and do a good job of keeping your windshield clear. Here’s some tips you can use to take better care of your wiper blades.

Check Exterior Car Lights Regularly. Visibility Equals Safety On The Road

Check exterior car lights during your driving normal time. Here’s some simple tricks you can use to develop your ability to notice when you have a light out.

Car Brakes, When You Use Them Properly, Help Reduce Driving Costs

‘My car brakes last a lot longer when I don’t use them!’ is what I often, jokingly, tell my mechanic. Learn how you too can save on brakes and still be safe.

You will find your ride becomes more enjoyable as you apply and learn from using these car maintenance tips. As your knowledge of how your car works grows, so will your confidence. This will be apparent to mechanics as your questions and descriptions become more specific. You’ll speak more confidently to mechanics as you have been doing the work of observing your vehicle. You’ll answer their questions easier. And the ones you can’t answer will give you some ideas of what else you should be checking on your car. As your knowledge grows you will start becoming aware of issues and how to address them before you need a tow truck.

As always drive safe, drive smart and…



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