Drivers Education: How To Be A Student Of One’s Own Driving

Drivers Education: How To Be A Student Of One’s Own Driving

The real purpose of drivers education goes beyond just learning enough to get one’s driving license. That is just an initial level of qualification.

I’m not talking here about different grades of licenses, i.e. for buses and trucks, although those are other levels one can go to.

What I’m talking about is becoming the best driver one can be. Adopt a mindset that the learning is never done. Drivers education, once started, is a life long course.

After 30+ years of full time professional driving I still try to observe my driving and what’s going on around me with an eye on what I can learn.


For example, if I find myself reacting emotionally to other drivers or traffic in general, I know that I am not focused.

Focused driving is of the utmost importance to someone like myself that believes that I can drive safely at all times, no matter what the circumstances. Focus equals safety.

New drivers can get some important information about schools, courses and instructors at the Driving School Association of Ontario. This link, and the other two below, open in new windows so I’ll still be here when you get back.

Senior drivers can also look forward to specific information for their concerns. We have all come to love the independence we get from being able to drive our cars. I know many seniors who fear losing this independence as the years go by.

Here’s an example of software out there that helps to train your brain. I haven’t tried this product yet but found their questionnaire interesting in how it has you look at your weak spots.

Here’s an example of this ‘self-applied’ drivers education that can help new and senior drivers alike. This link will open in a new window so I’ll still be here when you’re done there.

Go to the Young Drivers site and click on the red ‘View the CogniFit Demo on the left top corner of the page.

Follow the instructions for a simple testing of some basic yet necessary skills.

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