Tested Tire Care Tips For Less Wear And Longer Life

Tested Tire Care Tips For Less Wear And Longer Life

These ideas on tire care are about how you can treat your tires better through your driving. You’ll get a smoother ride and your tires will last longer. The most important tire care step you can take is to keep your tires properly inflated. This is covered, in detail, on the tire pressure page..

When parking along a curb or driving in construction sites, avoid piles of debris which could be hiding nails and other sharp objects. Another reason leaks develop in tires, other than age, are impacts on the tire. This could be from an unavoidable pothole, or hitting a curb.

If you do hit a major pothole or have some other intense impact on your tires, check the tires visually as soon as possible. If any new or unusual vibration or shaking results, have your mechanic check for damage or do another alignment. Make sure to check the tire pressure at the start of the next day’s driving. When parallel parking, back in slowly and do your best to avoid hitting the curb. If you do hit it while moving slowly, chances are you will not break the seal and cause a leak.

Turn your wheel toward the curb on a hill. Park touching the curb without distorting the tire or squashing it into the rim.

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Check Tire Pressure Regularly To Increase Your Safety and Savings

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A Spare Tire Is A Temporary Fix. For Safety Return To Trunk ASAP

A space saver spare tire is not designed for long term use. It can cause extra wear and unsafe over-steering issues. High speed and long distances should be avoided.

Before Buying Tires Use Tire Testing Results To Help Make Your Decision

Buying tires need not be a guessing game. Use a trusted source for information to compare tires. Choose which tire then use price and customer service to choose where to buy.




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