YOUR Driving Tips for a Safe, Stress-free Ride

YOUR Driving Tips for a Safe, Stress-free Ride

These driving tips will help improve driving, avoid accidents and reduce driving costs. I even learned that becoming a safe driver can actually be fun and very satisfying. I also get a lot of compliments.

These driving tips were tested and adopted over 30 years as a full-time Professional Driver in my home town of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Browse through the links below. Then use my virtual driver, James, to take you to ‘home’. You’ll find him at the bottom of all the pages except this one.

Following are some of the topics I will be covering and more will be added as the site grows. Enjoy your visit.

Do you know how to avoid accidents? All accidents?

Driving is like a ‘dance’. Learn to use your mirrors and your peripheral vision to see the ‘dance’ around you. Then any motion across or against the flow gets your attention even before you identify it. This gives you the time to respond without disturbing the flow around you. And you get to stay in ‘the dance’.

Do you know how to communicate with other drivers on the road?

You are on the road with other people, not just a bunch of cars. Communicate with a turn signal, a wave, a nod or a flash of lights. This makes for a safer ride because you are letting others know you noticed them. Practice these and you can drop the infamous, rude salutes.

Do you know how to find a mechanic you can trust?

Auto repairs can be costly. This is especially true when you delay a repair because you don’t feel you have anyone you can trust. By putting off repairs, though, you risk higher cost, other wear and tear or even safety on the road for yourself and others. I will share what has worked for me in finding trustworthy mechanics.

Do you want to know one of the best fuel saving tips?

It’s a game! You play it while driving. Focus on a few numbers and find yourself driving differently. You will lower your fuel consumption. You will also lower your repair costs and extend the life of your car. More about this in the ‘Fuel Saving Tips’ section.

These driving tips will put you in charge behind the wheel.

Benefit from my 30 years of full-time driving experience. Boost your confidence. Be ready for anything on the road. Explore this site. Study these driving tips. Then come back again as I add stuff regularly.

As always drive safe, drive smart and…




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