Better Gas Mileage Not How Fast You Go But How You Go Fast

Better Gas Mileage Not How Fast You Go But How You Go Fast

Many tips for better gas mileage offer improvements measurable more by theory than actual numbers. Real world driving is not done in a scientifically controlled environment.

It is a given that one needs to start with a vehicle that is properly tuned and running well. The next step to better fuel economy is maintaining a steady speed over a distance.

Driving according to weather and traffic conditions is the basic rule of safe driving. That also gives one the correct context for looking for safe ways to maintain a steady speed over the greatest distance.

With safety and better mileage as your top priorities, your driving will evolve to support those goals.

As you focus on the context of driving for savings you will find areas other than fuel savings that are affected by your new driving style.

For instance, I chuckled when my mechanic said that the average life of a set of brakes was around 45,000 kilometres (28,000 miles). I got 46,000 km on my first set of brakes on my used Lincoln, which had over 50% wear left on the brakes on purchase.

On my next two sets I got around 70,000 kms (45,000 miles). I’m aiming to bump that to 100,000 kms (60,000 miles). Now that’s a game worth playing.

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As always: drive safe, drive smart and… Enjoy



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